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Poster: dead-head_Monte Date: May 8, 2011 12:07pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Weird iTunes Snafu Made My Dark Star Go Poof

Bingo! — "fourempties" nails it for you, as he describes when using his Mac. But on a PC, I recommend using sync mode. What he says is the best way to go on a PC, imo. This is exactly how I manage putting music onto my iPod from my PC. I'm running Win XP. All my s/w is current. My main Music Library and my backups are lossless audio files. I use WinAmp as my lossless audio player.

I never use iTunes s/w! - except for managing the VBR MP3 files I create to be copied onto my iPod.

iTunes has always run with a clunky feel on my PC. I tried loading my Nano in iTunes s/w once - without using the sync mode - that was a big mistake. That was about 4 years ago. iTunes was running so clunky, it rendered itself unusable.

Another way to look at it: iTunes is designed, built, and marketed to you because Apple wants to sell music to you via their iTunes Store, for loading up your iPod. Yes, make sure you purchase songs from your favorite trade-friendly bands.

All I want to do is to load up my iPod from my the Music Library I built on my PC. I do not want to visit Apple's Music Store. If I click on the iTunes Store link by accident, Apple punishes me, and I suffer through a lengthy time-out. I have NEVER purchased any music from the iTunes Store. This is why I never use iTunes!

My iPod is an old 4GB Nano. I always have the sync mode on when I hook it up to my PC. This way the iTunes s/w will be happy. I have 463 songs on my iPod. Space used is 3.58GB. Total runtime is 1.9 days. I bought my Nano because of these features. At the time, it was the only itty bitty MP3 player that could play VBRs. And, no one else had a battery life lasting 24 hrs. It's perfect for my backpacking trips. It's my companion when I'm out camping solo. It's great to have music after dark at my camp, or when I'm stuck in my tent during lengthy rainstorms.

From scratch, on a PC - go the way fourempties implies on his Mac:

• using your PC's File Manager, create folders for your iPod shows first
• put your copies of the MP3 files into these folders
• make sure you use VBR MP3 files (Traders Little Helper s/w is free)
• then drag and drop each show's folder into iTunes
• each Playlist is created this way, and all the files get copied
• you can create your own Playlists and drag and drop tracks into iTunes
• run the sync task after you make changes - to be stored on your iPod
my Windows Exploder File Mangler

my iTunes File Mangler


The Archive is running UNIX. Best way to go for Web Servers! A lot of people are using Linux.

The best File Manager system for Win XP is ZTreeWin - ZTree is my File Management toolkit. My E: drive has 250 GB of stuff on it. Just now, I used the "root only" method to Log my E: drive quickly. It takes a minute to log all the files on my drive. So only the directory tree is logged. The window shown on the left is my directory tree. The Disk Stastics window shown on the right are for only the current directory. The bottom left is the File List window.


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Poster: AltheaRose Date: May 7, 2011 7:47pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Weird iTunes Snafu Made My Dark Star Go Poof

Aha! See, I make those PC folders, too, and have been told it's redundant. But if I didn't have those available, I don't think I could have re-added tracks ... like the lost Dark Star, which is now happily back in 10/12/68 where it belongs! Now I KNOW it's a good idea, cuz Monte says so. So hi to the Poudre :-)